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I'm sure you all know; we lost the first war:


Ciudad Renegada




Battles Won



Total Attacks



Average Destruction



From the above stats, we could have won with the right tactis.  Our average destruction was higher, which means if we had attacked the right villages, with the right people, then we could have done it.


We made some simple mistakes; the first being that we started at midnight.  This meant that we finished at midnight, so it wasn't ideal for us to see who still had attacks left and there weren't enough people online at the right times to give advice on who to attack, etc.  Coordination is the key!  

The second mistake we made was that everyone just attacked an easy target.  This means that high level players were getting 3 stars on easy maps.  3 stars is great, but it meant that when some weaker players went to raid, all of the easy targets already had 3 stars on them, so there would be no point in attacking that base, as, if 3 stars has already been won, then you can't win any additional stars (see War - What we know so far... and go to Scoring section).  We need to make sure that our weaker members can still win stars.  Some of us have been playing for much longer, or else have more time to play every day, so obviously not everyone is at the same level.

The third mistake we made was with our defensive troops to our War Castle (the War Castle is the Clan Castle on the War Map (see reinforcements section of War - What we know so far...).  For defense, one of the best troops is a Dragon.  Wizards and Archers are a great alternative if you don't have the space for a Dragon.  We need our high ;evel players to donate high level troops for everyone.  We have 24hrs to prepare, so there is LOTS of time for us to fill everyone's War Castle.

The most important thing is to communicate.  Coordinate with your clan members BEFORE carrying out any attacks.  Weak players should attack first and they should attack the weaker bases (from the bottom of the enemy's War Map up), leaving whatever is left for the higher level players.